About us

We are a couple who, along with our family, immigrated to Canada through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot among the first waves. Our journey to Canada was long. Our dreams of this beautiful country began around 2002-2003, but after the birth of two children, we drowned in everyday problems. We had our own business in Moldova and have experience as Sales, Account & Project managing, as well as in Customer Service.

After we found ourselves on the verge of losing our business, we recalled our Canadian dream. First, we decided to immigrate to one of the EU countries, Romania, where we lived from 2015 to 2017. In August to September of 2016, we “safely” spent more than €2,500 on an unscrupulous “consultant”, after which, we decided to take the immigration process into our own hands. In February 2017, we immigrated England in order to gain the right experience for immigration to Canada.

In March 2017, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot launched as the easiest way to immigrate to Canada through a valid Job Offer regardless of age. We earned a year of experience in England and received a Job Offer from a Canadian employer in New Brunswick in December 2017. We returned to Romania in the spring of 2018, got our visas in May, and in June 2018 we immigrated as a family of four to Canada. In Canada, it turned out that we need to work there for a year to get Permanent Residence under the AIPP. We were refused three times for PR, but on the fourth try we were given Permanent Residency.

We have had a long and difficult journey to the status of permanent residents in Canada. We know this process firsthand and, having overcome all the difficulties and obstacles on the way to our Canadian dream, we have learned many features of local system. We can help you. We are always ready to listen and delve into the details of each case, analyze the chances of immigration, work out the optimal solution, and develop a step-by-step plan to realize the Canadian dream for everyone. We are at Your service! Feel free to contact us!


We are currently in the process of obtaining Immigration Consultant Diplomas and licenses for our company located in Canada. At the moment, we do not deal with the immigration process. We are only able to help with finding a Job Offer in Canada through AIPP&RNIP. It’s like hiring a personal secretary. In our case, we are a team of professionals whose job is to: look for a Job Offer for you; build you a professional Resume and Cover Letter; follow up the database of Atlantic employers and vacancies; send your Resume for you, in the case of coincidence of new vacancies with your profile; conduct correspondence for you with employers; and, at the right time, arrange, prepare, and connect you to an interview with the employer. After receiving a Job Offer and signing a work contract, the client then prepares all the documents for immigration to Canada by himself.